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Bags for Packing Your Motorcycle

First Aid Bags

Email me if you'd like to get one.

First Aid Bag

The first aid bag is 10" high x 10" wide x 3"deep to carry an adequate amount of first aid supplies. There is an external "Emergency Information" pocket for your emergency medical information and first aid how-to booklets for easy access when needed.

Like the mesh bag the first aid bag has webbing straps on the back that allow bungee or buckle straps to be fed through in four places for secure attachment. It also has a webbing handle on the top for carrying.

A first aid bag should be carried on the outside when on trips by at least one person in a group. If an emergency happens to someone else you don't want to be digging through your side case to find the first aid stuff. If an emergency happens to you, do you want someone else digging through a side case trying to find some first aid stuff? Around town the first aid bag can be stowed in a side case.